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Amiga computing magazine issue 091 pdf free download. Nom011ener energy efficiency in central air, packaged or split, conditioners limits, testing method and labeling. Search, download and purchase energy data and statistics. Nom003scfi2014 electrical products safety requirements a the economy secretary dgn published on may 28 in the mexican official gazette the new edition of the mandatory standard nom003. Nom014ener2004 energy efficiency for motors of ac, singlephase. Energy efficiency standards and labeling programs set the rules of the market. Normas oficiales mexicanas en eficiencia energetica vigentes. Nom014stps2000, labor exposure to abnormal environmental pressures health and safety conditions. Nom014ener2004, energy efficiency of aircooled singlephase squirrelcage electric ac induction motors with a rated output of 0. Nom 014 ener 2004, table 2 rated efficiency for singlephase, induction, squirrel cage electric motors power ranges rated voltage kw 115 v 127 v 200 240 v greater than or equal to less than number of poles 2 4 6 2 4 6 2 4 6 rated efficiency in %.

Applicable to frame sizes from nema 143 iec 90 and above. It also establishes the test methods which must be used to. The motor used shall have a valid certificate according to standard nom 014ener2004. Nom 014 ener 2004 policy from the iea policies database. If, due to product improvements in power consumption, the motor of the precertified product is modified, you shall submit the test report, according to the reference standard, from an accredited and approved testing laboratory, for. Modelling the energy and exergy utilisation of the mexican. B this mandatory standard is used in mexico to get the nom certification for different kind of. This paper presents the development of a bottomup stock model to perform a holistic energy study of the mexican nondomestic sector. The main objective of this document is to be a useful and quick reference tool to provide the information. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Nom017enerscfi energy efficiency and safety requirements of selfballasted compact fluorescent lamps.

Energy efficiency standards in mexico state of the art. North american conference on good regulatory practices. Nom015enerenergy efficiency of household refrigerators and freezers limits, testing method and labeling. This mexican official standard applies to electric ac motors, single phase induction squirrel cage, air cooled, rated output of 0,188 kw to 1,500. All bsi british standards available online in electronic and print formats. Normas oficiales mexicanas ener nom010ener2004 3 5. Nom016ener2010energy efficiency for motors of ac, threephases, induction, squirrel cage, in nominal wattage from 0.

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