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The characters are superb, and moira dives into topics of loyalty, love, war, and forgiveness. Raging star 3 by moira young 2014, hardcover dust lands. The sequel to blood red road picks up right where it left off. Moira young certainly didnt pull any punches with the ending to the dust lands trilogy, thats for damn sure. Raging star is the third book in the eerie and unforgettable dust lands trilogy, after the critically acclaimed blood red road and rebel heart. She brought down a ruthless tyrant and saved her kidnapped brother. I read the first two books of the dust lands series in march, and i was lucky i only had to wait about half of a month for raging star to be released. Raging star is a surprisingly different read from what i anticipated but it was still go good that i couldnt put it down, and its definitely an unforgettable finale.

The book, like the other two in the series, sets a bright, unique landscape in a very imaginative world. Dust lands books by moira young and heather lind from. This second book, rebel heart, meanders and often bogs down. Buy a cheap copy of raging star book by moira young. So let me explain what the dust lands series is and give the synopsis of each book. Moira young gives you a few footsteps into the dust lands through the eyes of a naive saba and then awakens you with her clarity in rebel heart. Proclaimed as better than the hunger games mtvs hollywood crush, moira youngs trilogy dust lands embeds the reader in a dystopian world that has the characters struggling first with brutality then survival and finally retribution in this final book, raging star.

He is heading to a tavern called the lost cause to inform molly of ikes death. The first book, blood red road, won the costa childrens book award, was a cybils award winner for. The dust lands trilogy by moira young all three books in the highly praised dust lands trilogy, which mtvs hollywood crush blog called better than the hunger games, are now available in a collectible paperback boxed set. New eden holds promise and hope for the future, and one man, demalo, who calls himself the pathfinder, has a vision of leading humanity into that future. Rebel heart by moira young is the second book in her dust lands trilogy. Moira young is one of the most promising and startling new voices in teen fiction. Warrior girl stars in actionpacked debut for mature teens. Raging star dust lands series, book 3 dust lands by.

Along the way, he stops at a familys house who offer him food and water, and as hes leaving he sees tonton along with a. The dust lands trilogy had moments that thrilled and surprised me, despite frustrating moments of uneven presentation. See all 8 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Moira young goes over the top with a most engaging heroine. Costa childrens book award bc book prize for childrens literature le prix des incorruptibles.

Browse moira youngs bestselling audiobooks and newest titles. A native of canada, she now lives in the uk with her husband. Moira young is the author of the dust lands series. It was youngs first book and it inaugurated a trilogy under the series title dust lands. I must that the first three quarters of the book were much less engrossing. Raging star by moira young overdrive rakuten overdrive. Set in motion with the abduction of sabas twin lugh in blood red road doubleday, 2011. Moira young dustlands series wiki fandom powered by wikia. Set in the far distant postapocalyptic world, this book carries on right where the last one left off. This is my fan book trailer of moira youngs dust lands. The first book, blood red road, won the costa childrens book award, was a cybils award winner for fantasy and science fiction, and was a best fiction for young adults selection. The main character, saba is with her twin brother and younger sister, heading for sanctuary while the love of her life, jack has gone to inform his friend of the death of. This is a must read, where girls rescue boys and where the future looms up full of hope and loss, struggles and archetypes that give the story a timeless, classic edge. Raging star book by moira young official publisher.

Blood red road is a dystopian novel by moira young, published in june 2011 by marion lloyd books in the uk and margaret k. All three books in the highly praised dust lands trilogy, which mtvs hollywood. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and videos from thousands of public libraries worldwide. But im going to keep this as succinct as possible, just to give you. The dust lands trilogy is a book series by moira young. This is the concluding and most absorbing book in the old westflavored dust lands trilogy, and young has done a stellar job populating a spare yet beautiful. Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders. If you have holds on the shelf, they will be held until we reopen. The dust lands series is written by moira young and exists in the ruins of our onceuponatime civilization.

Oh, moira youngs eclectic writing style was still there in all its glory, bringing the characters and story to life in a way that few authors can, but the whole beginning. Raging star 3 by moira young 2014, hardcover at the best online prices at ebay. Rebel heart by moira young and heather lind audiobook. All wcpl locations are closed until further notice. Makes it worth that extralong wait between the second and third books. All three books in the highly praised dust lands trilogy, which mtvs hollywood crush blog. Rebel heart dust lands 2 by moira young plot summary the 2nd novel in the dust lands trilogy, this book begins in the perspective of jack. Saba is ready to seize her destiny and defeat demalo. Start reading raging star dust lands book 3 on your kindle in under a minute. Now it may destroy them all in the gutwrenching third book in the highly praised dust lands trilogy, which mtvs hollywood crush blog called better than the hunger games.

Moira young has been by turns an actress, a dancer, and an opera singer, but her first loves are books and writing. The third book, raging star, redeems the trilogy though blood red road is still the best. Moira young is back with the long awaited finale in her dustlands series, and this time we see saba, jack and the guerilla band trying to take down demalo and his tonton militia in a. Review of the 2nd dustlands book, rebel heart by moira young. Blood red road book by moira young official publisher. Parents need to know that moira youngs raging star is the final book in the postapocalyptic dust lands trilogy. Saba is haunted by her pastand a new enemy is on the rise, an enemy who searches for her across the dust lands. Amidst the wreckage of a ruined civilization, saba must fight to save herself, her family, and maybe her whole world.

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