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Fields of operations 1 vocational and technical training. Syrian war daily 2nd of june 2018 syrian war daily. Visiting petra jordan map, things to see, planning tips. Free syrian armys firqat alhamza reportedly imposed taxes on vehicles coming from euphrates shield. Alternatively, you can take a minibus from the south bus station wihdat bus station in amman for 7 jod. Villa 16, nayef al kharaisha street, deir ghbar p o box 851876 amman 11185 jordan unhcr. Since the dawn of civilization, jordan has played an important role in trade between east and west because of its geographic location at the crossroads of asia, africa and europe. Military eventsnews are listed below by the governorates. Tall al ghar s hi d anh ml salem azmut deir alhatab 0.

Printable tourist map alexandria printable tourist map jerusalem printable tourist map tel avivyafo printable tourist map amman printable tourist map beirut printable tourist map paphos printable tourist map larnaca. This special fifteen day signature journey travels to the three most fascinating countries, egypt, jordan, and israel, on the same biblical route of the exodus. Deir ezzor rural damascus tartous beirut amman damascus jerusalem tripoli irbid homs sidon tyre mosul aleppo az zarqa nabatiye et tahta manbij as salt hatay mersin deir ezzor idleb ar raqqa. Due to the presence of numerous historical sights in the city and its environs, amman attracts a lot of fans of excursion tourism. Map of amman hotels and attractions on a amman map. The history and geography of jordan have been shaped over thousands of years. The history of jordan has been influenced by many civilisations and has been a hub for humanity for thousands of years dating back to palaeolithic times. The monastery ad deir is one of the legendary monuments of petra. Environmental hazards map, deir alla, jordan, 20092010. Traveling from amman to dead sea one will pass near kahf alraqim. The boundaries and names as well as the designations used on this map do not imply. Did you know that petra won the 2nd place on the new 7 wonders of the.

Foeme has offices in amman, bethlehem, and telaviv. Atlas of jordan the amman ruseifazarqa builtup area. Amman is the capital and largest city of jordan and the countrys economic, political and. A young syrian refugee is vaccinated against polio at zaatari camp in jordan. Yr weather statistics for sheraton amman hotel and tower. On day one experience modern jordan in the souqs of amman. Sanctuary of lot at deir ain abata in jordan excavations. Deir ezzor rural damascus tartous damascus amman beirut jerusalem irbid az zarqa aleppo tyre sidon mosul tripoli russeifa homs hatay mercin deir ezzor idleb ar raqqa al hasakeh. Saeed al issa apartment 6, sweifeh, amman, jordan, 11184 see map. I have traveled a lot due to my fathers job and as there are french high schools all around the world, i have been able to follow the same program in each of the establishments that i have attended i obtained a major excellence scholarship, a meritbased scholarship for foreign students wishing to finish their studies in france. Global logistics cluster support cell, romeitaly glide num. Change to the map baghdad damascus amman aleppo mosul deir ezzour shaer hawija qaim raqqa basra karbala ramadi fallujah samarra tikrit kirkuk hama homs palmyra idlib latakia tartus deraa anif border crossing albab hasaka qamishli shadadi tal abyad jarabulus isis sanctuary. The main water source for the king abdullah canal kac is the yarmouk river and the almukhaibeh wells within the yarmouk valley. Chapter 1 euphrates river basin executive summary the euphrates river is the longest river in western asia.

The king abdullah canal is the largest irrigation canal system in jordan and runs parallel to the east bank of the jordan river. The northern segment of the jordan valley, known in arabic as the ghor, is the nations most fertile region. Geological map modified after, geological cross section, and tem loop locations at the study area. For a less intense experience and nights in hotels, check out this 3 day tour. Deir elbalah jabalia beach nuseirat bureij rafah rafah gaza deir elbalah khan younis jabalia fields of operations population by field golan 2,327,540 631,111 524,340 1,022,870 1,515,649 jordan lebanon syria west bank gaza strip total.

Amman beirut tel aviv baghdad nicosia cyprus egypt iraq israel. The boundaries on the maps used in this publication do not imply official endorsement of. The city of petra, capital of the nabataean arabs, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, it is located 240 km south of the capital amman and 120 km north of the red sea town of aqaba see the map, petra the world wonder is undoubtedly jordans most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction, and it is visited by. Amman see downtown amman map p94 see jebel amman map p90 see shmeisani map p99 to university of jordan 2km to. Amman is a city of contrasts, which closely intertwines the old historical monuments with the modern architecture. The jordan river rises from several sources, mainly the antilebanon mountains in syria, and flows down into lake tiberias the sea of galilee, 212 meters below sea level. The town has 20,000 residents, and the majority are christians it lies in wadi shueib valley of jethro, between salt and amman. Pdf syrian warislamic state isis creation timeline. In collaboration with the royal jordanian geographic center, i have created a map showing the. Avenza maps is a powerful offline map viewer with a connected inapp map store to find, purchase and download professionally. Jordan is 80 percent desert but also contains diverse areas of forests, canyons and wetlands. Wadi shallala aquifer b5 shallala formation b5 which underlies the basalt consists of marl, clay and marly limestone and acts as an aquifer between the two good aquifers, the b4 and the basalt aquifer.

Mapping social dispariteis in amman amman instituite. It has been home to some of mankinds earliest settlements. Top 100 international tourist destination cities by country pdf. This route takes in most of jordans key sites in a journey along the kings highway, the ancient backbone of the country.

Amman damascus highway josephus indicates this as the land of uz of job in this area gideon captures the resting midianites judges 8. Amman to aqaba return thanks to its relatively compact size, jordan rewards even the shortest of getaways, es pecially if youre prepared to hire a car. Amman beirut tel aviv baghdad nicosia cyprus egypt iraq israel jordan lebanon regional opt saudi arabia syria turkey. Map of downtown, luweibdeh and jabal amman al urdon kulliat al shareea. Badr aljadedah albahhath albassah deir iraq alamir almaniyyeh marj alhamam nair wadi alseer. Similar in design to the treasury, but far bigger 50m wide and 45m high, it was built in the 3rd century bce as a nabataean tomb. It contains the jordan river and extends from the northern border down to the dead sea. Deir elbalah jabalia beach nuseirat bureij rafah rafah gaza deir elbalah khan younis jabalia fields of operations population by.

The river has three riparian countries, iraq, syria and turkey, and its basin is distributed among five countries with a total estimated population of 23 million. Deirezzor governorate genderbased violence snapshot. Hello and welcome to the 443rd installment of the swd. It was previously known as the east ghor main canal and renamed in 1987 after abdullah i of jordan water sources and technical features. If you would like to support syrian war daily, please consider whitelisting or turning off your ad blocking software on the website.

Fighting a major polio outbreak in the midst of syrias bitter civil war is a test of commitmentand diplomacy. You can do all locations in depth but you will enjoy the many beautiful landscapes of jordan. Change to the map baghdad damascus amman aleppo mosul deir ezzour shaer hawija qaim raqqa basra karbala ramadi fallujah samarra tikrit kirkuk hama homs palmyra idlib latakia tartus deraa anif border crossing albab hasaka qamishli shadadi tal abyad jarabulus map by alexandra gutowski isis sanctuary. Jordan maps perrycastaneda map collection ut library online. Amman builtup area annual growth rate using statistics to map urban amman area sq km annual growth rate indicators the case of 1947 2,05 amman 1956 4,34 8,7 % 1961 28,60 1983 71,80 4,3 % urban growth rate 1994 144,60 6,6 % statistics at the block level 2005 226,56 4,2 % gis data by point amman population annual growth rate introducing density. This document is meant for all those interested in the lead up and current events surrounding the war in syria and the creation of isis. Below is a timeline ranging from 19922015 with related articles to the war in syria, isis and geopolitical.

Deir ezzor iraq sur kisreh abu kamal deir ezzor hajin tabni muhasan thiban basira. Salah malkawi zaatari refugee camp and amman zaatari, sometimes called jordans fourth largest city, was thrown together in the desert in a few. It derives its name from the crosses carved on the inside walls, suggestive of. For the most part, the map covers vast expanses of desert, especially in the sinai peninsula of egypt, and in southern jordannorthwestern saudi arabia the. An introduction to the urban geography of amman, jordan.

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