The book of mormon is fake

Provides concrete evidence disproving the book of abraham, demonstrating that joseph smith was a false prophet. Im publishing it now because the fake moronimary whitmer story contradicts the basic teachings of the resurrection, as well discuss below. The book of mormon is extremely controversial, so ive put together 7 things you should know before you see the book of mormon, so between the facts, the spoilers, and my own commentary as a christian and a member of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints, you can judge for yourself. This argument discounts theories about the book of mormon civilization as models, but that is what every scientific theory, law, or conclusion is. Documented evidences are given to show that the major doctrines and teachings of the mormon church are contrary to the teachings of the book of mormon. Salt lake city a member of the first presidency of the mormon the church of jesus christ of latterday saints also known as the mormon church today publicly admitted that the entire religion was completely bogus, and that the church hierarchy has been making things up. This argument discounts this vast field of study by calling scholars and investigators mere apologists. A mormon bibliography, 18301930 digital collections. Well firstly, joseph smith, the prophet, translated the papyri. Please, i would love to hear some reasoned arguments as to why it is true. For example, critics of mormonism have shown convincing proof that the book of mormon is a synthesis of earlier works written by other men, of the vivid imaginings of joseph smith, and of plagiarisms from the king james bible. Most, but not all, mormons hold the books connection to ancient american history as an article of their faith. The book of mormon is a sacred text that was published in march 1830 by joseph smith, jr.

With this stone all of the present book of mormon was translated. How could so many people have died at the battle of. This view finds no acceptance outside of mormonism. Its not and i would discourage anyone from thinking that it is. The url of the current page will be sent with your feedback. Contradicts other quotes, which say the stone was only used some of the time and was found digging for a. The story of the book of mormon printers manuscript, robin jensen. I was reminded of this quotation from theodore dalrymple i. Top 10 embarrassments of the mormon religion listverse. In this article, the word mormon is used to refer to any of the many splinter groups which now accept joseph smith as a prophet and the book of mormon as the an authentic record. The largest and least legitimate of these concerns are theolo. For nearly two centuries, faithful members of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints lds have claimed that joseph smith translated the.

I cant be rebaptized as i am still in my samesex marriage, although we are celibate now my husband is a saint pun intended. Exactly how to get a free book of mormon without missionaries. Mormons believe joseph smith found gold plates engraved with writing in ancient egyptian in new york and god helped him translate the text. Have you read the sealed portion of the book of mormon yet. Centuries later, according to the scripture, jesus appeared to the nephites in the same region after his resurrection. Joseph smith was only 23 years old when he dictated the book of mormon, and had about 7 years of formal education, with almost all of that homeschooled. The m2c triumvirate and the fake moronimary whitmer story. Problems with the book of mormon catholic answers catholic. Mormons claim that to restore the true church and true gospel to the earth, in 1820 god the father and jesus christ appeared to joseph smith in a grove of trees. Is there archaeological evidence for the book of mormon. The only bible that joseph smith relied on was the king james version.

If you combine this with the evidence of the kinderhook plates being fake, one might cast serious doubt on joseph smiths translated works, including the book of mormon. If factas we know it to bethe cities will be there. Second, book of mormon authors rarely mentioned weather, and when mormon did alma 46. Share this video so that more people can be set free from the tangled lies of joseph smith. For more information, visit, or cesletterresources special thanks to zelph on the. If fake, the ancient cities described in it are nonexistent. How the book of abraham exposes the false nature of.

I love the gospel, i love the book of mormon i substain our leaders and love them. Third, this argument, if applied consistently, precludes central america as a possible setting because the text never once mentions volcanoes, jungles, jade, tapirs, or. Mormon beliefs are also shown to contradict both the bible and the book of mormon. Before answering that, it should be noted that all branches of mormons have deteriorated since the first book of mormon was given. Book of mormon thought false by lds memberarchaelogist.

Joseph smith, himself, gave christopher the gold plates so that he could translate the sealed portion of the book of mormon. You can totally read the book of mormon free online or listen to book of mormon audio. How a mormon lawyer transformed archaeology in mexicoand. The printers manuscript was copied from the original manuscript by oliver cowdery, including the witness statements. Book of mormon proved a fraud globedemocrat september. The book of mormon false testament learn the bible. Why is the book of mormon the most criticized book in. Iow, thanks to m2c, church historians in volume 1 of saints and at historic sites and the m2c citation cartel byu studies, book of mormon central, etc. John the beloved and the three nephites use him to present their message to the world.

I do not support the books written on this subject including the messiah in ancient america, or any other. They have the mongoloid blue spot, specific blood traits, and their facial features are of typical asian origin, not semitic at all. It is the sacred text for the 15 millionstrong church of jesus christ of latterday saints. This is not the case with new world archaeology and the book of. Mormon is allegedly a prophethistorian who was the native american believed by mormons to have written the book of mormon the main religious text of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints mormonism. We do not have the gold nephi plates for the world to examine. At least they are not wed in reality since no book of mormon location is known with reference to modern topography. And, with more study, the books sturdiness and richness and the remarkable accomplishment of its translator, the prophet joseph smith, become more apparent. Are these really the inspired word of god through a modern day. While some people chose to make claims for the book of mormon through archaeological evidences, to me they are made prematurely, and without sufficient knowledge. Globedemocrat september 29, 1902 book of mormon proved a fraud. Biblical archaeology can be studied because we do know where. And in another, to the lds leadership, he declared, the book of mormon is either fake or fact.

The book of mormon the keystone of the church is unquestionably the book of mormon. If the followers of the prophet muhammad hoped to put an end to any future revelations after the immaculate conception of the koran, they. I would also love to hear some reasoned arguments about your views on the book of abraham and why no other translations match that of js. The book of abraham is part of the pearl of great price. The book of mormon makes many scientifically false statements. You are coming up with too many reasons why the book of mormon is fake instead of why it is true. Archaeology in the old world continues to uncover physical evidence of biblical history. As one examines the occasions when population size is mentioned throughout the book of mormon, and assumes normal population growth, 230,000 deaths in the final battle at cumorah would make sense. Christopher nemelka has published the sealed portion of the book or mormon and has also translated the 116 pages of missing manuscript. What we object to is having such a fake story being taught as accurate church history.

The book of mormon is really there so one can have book of mormon studies, and archaeology is really there so one can study archaeology, but the two are not wed. Absolutely none of the specific historical content of the book of mormon has been verified through archeological finds. Fake or genuine, the book of mormon would need that. Thousands of mormons left the church as the result of this discovery, while thousands more are completely unaware of this important piece of evidence. The criticisms of the book of mormon fall into several categories some of which are legitimate and some of which are not. Thirdly, the book of abraham provides justification for important mormon doctrines, including the exaltation of man, plurality of gods, priesthood, and premortal existence not found in any of the other canonized scriptures of the lds. What is the book of mormon printers manuscript and why is it entirely in the handwriting of oliver cowdery. Death blow to mormonism the book of abraham is a fake. The book of mormon if the book of abraham was a fraud. Mormonism is a religion less than two centuries old, but in this short time it has managed to accrue a long list of embarrassments which the church leaders would prefer were kept silent. There was always this strong tie to anyone with brown skin as a lamanite. Quite recent scholarship has exposed every single other mormon document as at best a scrawny compromise and at worst a pitiful fake, as dr. The book of abraham was not translated, it was fabricated.

The book of mormon teaches that indians originated from these jewish settlers. Did joseph smith translate the book of mormon with a rock. According to smith, the book is originally written in an otherwise unknown language called reformed egyptian on golden plates and it should be of similar importance as the bible. With the faith now of one of the fastestgrowing religions in the country, doubleday is proud to publish this first official trade edition of. The book of mormon, true or false budvarson, arthur. Fourthhand nonlds source, an unknown reporter in chicago. If the book can be shown to be a product of the 19th century, the church is then not what it claims to be. The book of mormons own population data is consistent with this figure. An examination of the book of mormon comparing the 1830 original edition with later editions, reveals the many changes that have been made. The false translation of the book of abraham, therefore, casts serious doubt on the book of mormon as well, forever debilitating josephs claim he was a true, inspired prophet of god. The book of mormon is a sacred text of the latter day saint movement, which adherents believe contains writings of ancient prophets who lived on the american.

Top mormon official admits mormonism is a fake religion. There is no evidence that joseph smith ever translated anything, including the golden plates into the book of mormon. There are a couple of great options the churchs website. Smith said he has received these plates in 1827 from an angel named moroni, who identified himself to smith as a native. The book of mormon false testament introduction while reading the book of mormon, this socalled other testament of jesus christ, i noticed something very eyeopening, something that gives away the true nature and origin of this book. By contrast, the evidence shows that the book of mormon is not translated from ancient scriptures but is a nineteenthcentury fiction. Book of mormonwitnessessignatures on their testimonies. Biblical manuscript discoveries of the past two centuries have not called into question the authenticity of. The book of mormon could be the stuff of a satisfying and funny buddy story and fishoutofwater comedy, even while poking fun at the inevitable clashes of cultures that erupt. And, fake or genuine, the prophets attempt at oldfashioned formal english should reveal his lack of education which it does, with numerous grammatical errors and misuses of archaic forms, many of which survive even in. Vulgar and tasteless book of mormon opens broadway. Book of mormon artwork was also depicted this way, heck even singing the book of mormon song we made the signs with our hands that depicted feathers in our heads. Matheny, mormon scholar and byu professor of anthropology, letter dated dec. The theory that the book of mormon is an ancient american history is not accepted as scientifically verifiable by the mainstream.

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